Were You Injured In A Truck Accident? You Need A Lawyer.

After a truck accident, the consequences are severe. You can spend weeks or months in the hospital and even more time in recovery. In many cases, you may be unable to care for yourself at all, and you are relying upon friends and family. Insurance companies know this and will take advantage of your vulnerability. There is a huge disparity between your power and an insurance company’s legal capacity.

At The Vespi Law Firm, LLC, we treat you like family. We will stand by your side as you recover, and we refuse to let insurance companies take advantage of you. Our firm is here for you as you recover. Call us today and schedule an appointment with someone you can truly trust. Dial 973-646-4938.

We Even The Playing Field

Trucking companies are required to hold millions of dollars in insurance coverage. As a result, insurance companies are quick to act after a truck accident. They send out lawyers and investigators. Very often, their representatives will obfuscate or twist evidence so that the insurance companies do not need to pay you as much as you deserve.

At our firm, we want you to have your best opportunity to recover. Our attorneys help you by:

  • Cataloging all the evidence quickly
  • Using our experience to prevent insurance companies from manipulating the story
  • Accounting for the full extent of your injuries, including long-term care and lost wages
  • Respecting your autonomy and empowering you to be an active participant in the legal process

We fight on your side. Our attorneys are extremely experienced and have helped dozens of people like you achieve optimum legal settlements. We explain every step of the legal process and help you regain control over your future. Our attorneys approach your case with passion and experience. We want what is best for you. At our firm, you are family.

Experienced Care. Positive Results.

At The Vespi Law Firm, LLC, our attorneys are your partners in the law. Call or email us today and begin your free consultation.