Do Not Let A Motor Vehicle Accident Stop You From Thriving

Motor vehicle accidents can cause catastrophic damage to people’s health, both in the short term and long term. When this happens to you or your loved one, you deserve to have someone on your side who can fight and win. Starting at your free initial consultation at The Vespi Law Firm, LLC, our lawyers will listen to you and your personal story. Then, they will make a plan that works for you, your needs and your priorities.

Unfortunately, insurance companies rarely put people’s needs before their bottom line. You deserve better. At our firm, we treat you like family. We put your needs first and hold insurance companies accountable. Call our firm at 973-646-4938.

Why You Need To Work With A Lawyer

When powerful businesses, trucking companies and insurance investigators arrive at the scene of an accident, they do everything they can to minimize or deny their responsibility. Unfortunately, large organizations are likely to cover up evidence or deny any liability in an accident. They often intentionally offer you a low settlement hoping you will accept without consulting with a lawyer. We want to make sure you get the help you actually need.

As your lawyers, we help even the playing field by:

  • Discovering and preserving evidence
  • Interviewing witnesses and preserving witness statements and accident reports
  • Ensuring your medical evaluation is thorough and accounts for your long-term needs
  • Preventing insurance companies and other parties from skewing or misrepresenting evidence

Some insurance companies will offer a settlement long before you have a chance to really understand your needs. This allows them to undervalue your injuries. In some cases, those offers may preclude you from accepting additional settlements. Worse yet, accepting an offer means that you often cannot ask for more compensation if the injury lasts longer than you expect or requires more care than you initially anticipate. Before you accept any offer, you should talk with an experienced lawyer and get help assessing your options.

Do not be taken advantage of. At The Vespi Law Firm, LLC, we want to ensure you get quality medical care. We work hard to maximize your settlement and account for your long-term medical needs. Call our office, and ask for help.

Speak With An Attorney One-On-One

At our office, we care about your future. Schedule a free consultation by emailing us. We work on a contingency basis. You do not owe our firm anything unless we recover your settlement.