Dangerous Property Causes Accidents

Did rotting stairs cause you to fall? Did an unmaintained fence lead to a loose and dangerous dog? Property maintenance is important, and home and business owners are responsible for providing safe environments for their neighbors. When poorly maintained property leads to an injury, you have legal options. You do not need to bear your medical burdens alone.

At The Vespi Law Firm, LLC, we treat you like family. And, like with family, we want to give you every tool necessary to succeed. Our attorneys have decades of experience helping the injured receive the compensation they deserve. When we take on your case, you have access to our legal knowledge and fierce advocacy. Call us today at 973-646-4938 for a free consultation.

Helping You Recover After An Accident

Premises liability case can seem abstract. After all, if you fall, is it really someone else’s fault? If you fell because someone was negligent about their property, the answer is yes. This is a significant reason that homeowners insurance exists.

Unfortunately, even when insurance companies should cover your medical expenses, they are often reluctant to do so. They may deny your claim or seriously undervalue the cost of your recovery. Even when they offer a seemingly generous settlement, you need a qualified second opinion. As your lawyer, we want you to recover fully.

We want to empower you to demand fair treatment. We do this by following a straightforward process:

  • Analyze the evidence and determine the truth
  • Establish the true cost of your injuries
  • Present you with all your legal options
  • Answer your questions so you can make informed, wise decisions

Our attorneys have decades of legal experience. We can help you regain control over your future and recovery.

Our Reputation For Excellence

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