Common car crash injuries

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Car accidents affect many New Jersey residents. Certain injuries are very common in crashes and could lead to serious complications.

Soft tissue injuries

Soft tissue injuries are among the most common injuries from car accidents. Depending on the factors surrounding the accident, these injuries can range from mild to severe. A person might be left with whiplash, which affects the head and neck as well as the surrounding muscles and ligaments.

Cuts and scrapes

Cuts and scrapes are noticeable wounds that appear on the skin. Some of these injuries can affect the topmost layer of skin while others might be deeper. Car crashes can cause objects to go flying, glass to break and airbags to deploy. All of these hazards can lead to people sustaining abrasions of varying severity. If deep enough, this injury can warrant the need for stitches or staples.

Head injuries

Many car accident victims are left with head injuries. Some of these injuries can be mild such as a concussion. However, it’s also common for people to suffer from much more serious traumatic brain injuries after a crash. When this type of injury is left untreated or if it’s severe enough, a person can die. Both open and closed injuries can occur to the head.

Chest injuries

Chest injuries usually occur upon the impact of a car crash when the person’s body jolts forward. The seat belt or even the car’s dashboard or steering wheel can cause injuries as the vehicle jerks violently. Many chest injuries require surgery. A person can even suffer a broken, fractured or bruised collarbone.

Back injuries

Back injuries are also common after car accidents. They can develop with any type of collision but are more common after a rear-end accident. A person might have problems with discs in their lower, middle or upper back. In the worst-case scenario, a victim could be left paralyzed.

Internal injuries

Internal injuries are very common in car accidents. These injuries often require surgery and can result in death if they’re serious enough. In many cases, quick medical treatment can help save lives when someone has an internal injury.

These injuries commonly occur after a road accident. Getting prompt medical attention is important when it comes to optimal recovery.