How badly can a car crash burn you?

| Mar 16, 2020 | Firm News |

Should your car burst into flames as the result of a crash, you face the risk of receiving grave burns that could disfigure you by scarring you for life. Burn injuries also represent some of the most painful injuries you can receive. 

Due to the limited interior space of your car, the flames have nowhere to go and you likely will sustain four separate types of burns as follows: 

  1. Thermal burns when the flames or one of your vehicle’s exceptionally hot surfaces touches your body 
  2. Scald burns when a hot liquid such as gasoline, oil, spilled coffee, etc. touches your body 
  3. Electrical burns when one of your vehicle’s live electrical wires or a downed power line touches your body 
  4. Chemical burns when one of your vehicle’s caustic fluids such as antifreeze, transmission fluid, steering fluid, etc. touches your body 

Degrees of burns 

Not only will you likely sustain four different types of burns in a fiery car crash, but also two severe levels of burns: third- and fourth-degree. Both represent life-threatening injuries because these kinds of burns go below the surface of your skin to burn your underlying muscles, tendons, nerves and other tissues. Fourth-degree burns even invade your bones. You will need immediate emergency medical intervention and care. 

Burn consequences 

Burns represent some of the slowest injuries to heal. Doctors and nurses in the burn unit will need to frequently debride your wounds, a very painful procedure. You may also require several reconstructive surgeries where surgeons will take skin from unburned areas of your body and transplant it over the burned areas. Needless to say, your medical bills will skyrocket. Since you face a high risk of infection throughout your hospital stay, this could increase your medical bills even more. 

Even with the best medical treatments and procedures available, parts of your body could become disfigured for life. This lifelong disfiguration represents one of the most horrendous consequences of a fiery car crash.